The Othello Sandhill Crane Festival

The Othello Sandhill Crane Festival Founded in 1998, the Othello Sandhill Crane Festival highlights the spring return of Sandhill cranes to the greater Othello area and Columbia National Wildlife Refuge. The three-day non-profit Festival includes a variety of entertaining, educational, and memorable activities for the whole family to enjoy. Lectures are delivered on Saturday only, whereas tours are conducted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

GENERAL ADMISSION includes family activities and all lectures. (The lecture rooms each have a maximum capacity, therefore are available on a first-come, first served basis.) Tours are additional in cost and one must register for the tour(s) they wish to experience. (The tours each have a maximum capacity, therefore are available on a first-come, first served basis).

Adult $10
Senior (65 & older) $5
Child (under 12 with paid adult). FREE


“Exploring How Migration is Different for Sandhill Cranes and Shorebirds”

“A Year in the Lives of Ladd Marsh Cranes”

Saturday evening 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Enjoy Smokin' Wood BBQ

Potholes Reservoir Birding / Tonnemakers Hill Farm / Lower Crab Creek Birding / Columbia National Wildlife Refuge / Crane Viewing / Biking for Cranes / Ice Age Floods and the Channeled Scablands / Othello Community Museum / Urban Walk / Wahluke Slope Birding / Palouse Falls / Lower Grand Coulee Geology / Dry Falls State Park Hike / Drumheller Channels Geology Hike / Hanford Reach Interpretive Center and Coyote Canyon.

Wolves are Back / Biotechnology and Genetically Modified Organisms / Heritage Gardens of the Columbia River Basin / Celebrate Birds through Photography / Changing the Course of the Palouse River / Wildflowers of the Shrub-Steppe / Biology and Ecology of Greater Sandhill Cranes / WSU Raptor Club / Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig / Do Bryophytes Grow in Eastern Washington / Ice Age Floods and the Channeled Scablands / (Drones, Data, and Decisions) in Agriculture and Wildlife / Migrations of Vaux's Happening / Birding in Borneo / Feathers, Foul and Flight / Conservation Needs of Trumpeter Swans in the Western United States / Wildlife Impacts on Wildfire in the West / Hawk Watching / The Indisputable Case for Multiple Ice Age Floods / Money and the Environment / Non-Professional Bird Photography / Monitoring Albatross Nesting on Midway Atoil National Wildlife Refuge / An Introduction to Naturlist / Tales of Natural History and Adventures on the Columbia River / Burrowing Owl Life History and Migration / eBird Basics / Natural History of the Blue Mountains / Sandhill Cranes of the Pacific Flyway / Wildlife Conservation in the Sagebrush Sea / Frogs Among Us / Rocky Reach Hydroelectric Project Fish Passage / Amphibians and Reptiles of the Columbia Basin / Raising Kid Colt - A Story of a Young Sandhill Crane / Bird Brains / Grand Coulee - Washington's Grand Canyon / Shorebirds - Elegant Travelers on a Long Journey / Our Changing Climate / Secret Life of the Forest (movie).

For all information on activities, and lectures and to REGISTER ONLINE for tours please click on this link for festival brochure: FESTIVAL BROCHURE


FOR YOUR SAFETY The Othello Sandhill Crane Festival sponsors viewing tours in order for Festival participants to view wildlife in a safe and manageable way. Tours are a great way to interact with fellow Festival attendees, as well as give you some one-on-one time with biologists and local experts.

For your safety and the consideration of others, please do not follow our tour buses while at the Festiva. Our tour guides often obtain permission from landowners in advance to allow tour buses on private property; this permission does not extend to visitors in private vehicles.

If you would like to view wildlife on your own, please ask the wildlife guides or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff at the Festival what options are available. This will allow all to safely enjoy the wildlife resources of the area.
Also, please keep in mind that lectures are delivered on Saturday only, while tours are conducted Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
The Othello Sandhill Crane Festival

The Othello Sandhill Crane Festival

Mar 22, 2019 Starts: 11:00 AM - Ends: 9:00 PM
Mar 23, 2019 Starts: 6:00 AM - Ends: 10:00 PM
Mar 24, 2019 Starts: 7:00 AM - Ends: 2:00 PM

Othello High School
340 S 7th Ave
Othello, WA