A (cold) day to practice and evaluate skills

Grant County 4-H Horse program held an early season judging event

Posted on Mar 7, 2019
Grant County 4-H horse program held a horse judging contest Saturday, February 23 at the Gene Harwood pavilion at the Grant County Fairgrounds. This was the third year holding an early season horse judging event. Youth, their parents, and leaders came out and braved the cold to practice and learn how to evaluate horses and riding skills against specific standards.


Liz Dickinson shared with VENUE Magazine just how the day went. "There were 4 riding classes, English Equitation, Western Equitation, Western Pleasure and Ranch Horse class. The fifth class, halter class was a special draft horse gelding class. There was an informational packet about draft horses for the 4-Hers to study and learn about the 4 breeds that were represented in the class. With 4-H there is always instruction and learning, even at a contest.

Each class had 4 entries to be judged. Our judge, Dusti Campbell Kissler, of Adams County, would have the class start with the horses in their numeric order. In the halter class and ranch horse class, each horse was shown in order. In the riding classes, the horses would start in order and line up in order at the end of the class to make it less confusing for the youth to correctly mark their choices. Once all contestants had placed the class, marked their cards and had their cards validated, the horses would be set up in order of Dusti’s placing.

Dusti would lead a group conversation about each entry, what was desirable, how it compared with the standard, and what needed to be improved. The 4- Hers became more comfortable with speaking out in front of a group and learned how to uphold their decision with descriptions of their observations. Dusti also gave some pointers on ways to take notes. After the 5 classes, 4-H leaders tallied the scores from the cards and awards donated by our sponsors were presented."


Judge, Dusti Campbell Kissler; Draft horses and handlers, Megan Kriete, Kate Shire, Nicole Anderson, LeAnn Wells, and Maria Howe; Riders - The Stardust Cowgirls, Tiffany Montgomery, Sam Buhrig, Julie Cobb Larsen, and Kortni Tanguay; riders Kathleen Heath and Liz Dickinson; score tally Michael Goyne, Susan Brown and Dawn Clemons.


Much appreciation to Basin Feed & Supply and North 40 Outfitters.


Mallory McGee had our Overall High Score with 227 out of a possible 250 and was Intermediate Grand Champion. André Morales won Senior Champion, Alyssa Howe earned Intermediate Reserve Champion, Natalee Smith was Junior Grand Champion and Ethan McKinney won Junior Reserve Champion.

If you would like to learn more about 4H Programs, feel free to call the WSU Cooperative Extension at 509 754-2011, ext 4313

Photos by Brayden Bise Photography