A spring painting project idea for kids

by Chris Hansen

Posted on Apr 1, 2020
This first project is to paint pictures of bugs, birds, hearts, (or whatever you decide on), on small canvases, easily found in the art section at Walmart or JoAnn Fabrics or online.

Find a bug, bird, or other references out of magazines, books, or online, to use to draw your design on the small canvas. Paint your masterpiece with acrylic paint.

Then, gather sticks, from tree branches, or chopsticks, or Shishkabob sticks, to mount your pictures onto.

You can use acrylic paints to paint the sticks, along with your pictures. After you have painted, use a hot glue gun to mount your pictures onto the sticks. They’re ready to stick in your potted plants, or in a flower arrangement, or just use your sticks and pictures in an arrangement of their own.

Optional: you can paint color rings around the sticks, for branches for extra color.

Have fun and post your creations! ~ Chris Hansen

PARENTS...we encourage you to take a photo of your child's creation and share with others. Your photo (and your child's first name only) will be posted at the bottom of the story for the world to see!

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It’s hard to remember when I first started being interested in art. My mother was very artistic and I guess I inherited it from her. About a year ago, some friends and I signed up for one of the painting classes at Art Garden in downtown Moses Lake. I was immediately hooked and couldn’t wait for the next class. I bought paints, canvases, and brushes and just started painting anything that looked like something I could do.

It surprised me that friends liked what I was painting It encouraged me to keep going. I have always loved art, but this is the first time I tried to paint with acrylic paints. I’m retired, so I can spend as much time as I want on this hobby of mine.

When I drive, I can see so many painting ideas. Art is everywhere. Many of the paintings have been sold, with the profits going to a local animal sanctuary, and some paintings have been donated to local fundraising auctions. It’s a great way to relieve stress and I love to share “painting days” with a group of friends." ~ Chris