Lilly, Neena, Roman, Demetrio, Eva, Roman Sr., Omar and Henry

A visit with the Robles Family

A matter of strong family ties and a drive to succeed ~ by Ben Getz

For Goodness Sake Travel & Leisure Posted on Jun 14, 2020
Familia, Ohana, Famiglia…however you say it in your native tongue, the institution of 'the family' is one of the most important foundations of a stable society. Strong families make healthy communities, states, nations…it is the circular wheel upon which this universe spins. Interestingly, we met recently with a close family in Moses Lake that has centered their business on wheels, tires, and the vehicles that use them.

It bears telling a little about the history of this family with their strong work ethic and family-run businesses that have brought a bright spark to our Moses Lake community. Roman Robles and his two oldest sons Roman Jr. and Omar, have driven forward with a dynamic business model after having moved to Moses Lake six years ago from San Luis Obispo, California, where they also were in the tire business. Finding a ready to occupy business space in a craigslist add, we now have 'The Tire Store & Services', at 955 W. 3rd, and just down the street, 'Best Buy Auto Sales' at 1070 W. Broadway. They had always wanted to branch into auto sales while in CA, and the situation in Moses Lake made it too promising to pass up.

The 'Tire & Service' storefront is mainly manned by the elder Roman and his right-hand man, where the business plan is, being there for the customer; open 7 Am to 7 Pm, seven days a week. The shop mainly sells tires and all their requisite services as well as do brakes, but all systems of a vehicle can be serviced, especially ones that end up on the 'Best Buy' lot, manned by Roman Jr. and Omar. The goal is to give the potential customers a solid, affordable, and reliable vehicle for the fairest price. Roman Sr. lives to work; his fulfillment is to see a full day's work and satisfied, happy customers come in and out of his doors. He does love his coffee too, and that is likely the catalyst that keeps him going all day/all week long.

Filling what they feel is a void in the already crowded tire/brakes business in our town, the Robles family aim with their businesses is to do quality and higher volume over larger, one-time sales. Being fluent bi-lingually is also helping a growing segment of the customer base and trying to save those who are older or not comfortable with the high-pressure sales tactics of other businesses. They also try to help those on a limited income by offering an affordable option, certified used tires. Partnering with one of the largest networks for good used tires they have very affordable, yet safe and reliable examples for sale and will offer the services on them just like new sets.

It was with a serious face and no lack of pride in his eyes that the younger Roman spoke highly of his father's work ethic and the sense of family fidelity that he has impressed on his sons. He encourages them always to be learning and adapting and has certainly helped prepare them to become contributing citizens in any community they live in. Omar is currently working on his degree in Business Finance Management. Promoting hard work yet with an emphasis on obtaining higher education shows that the quiet Roman Robles Sr. has veins that run deeper than those of his work-hardened arms.

The back story of the elder Roman is the basis for his strong family ties and drive to succeed. Having left his less than ideal situation at home in Jalisco, MX, at the age of only 14, he came to California and took the first work readily available as a field hand. In only three years, he had advanced to the role of foreman for a large farm co-op, but he wanted to try more. Over the succeeding years, he tried his hand at many ventures, branching out into the construction business where his skills served him well. There was nothing he would not tackle, working as a custodian, chef, mechanic, and many other jobs but still always thinking he would have his own commercial enterprise one day.

"No matter what you try, succeed or fail, learn from it." ~ Roman Robles Sr.

Now, there are still plans for changing and expanding. As Roman Sr. has expounded to his boys, 'No matter what you try, succeed or fail, learn from it!' Just last year, the family branched out in the Wenatchee area with a restaurant/night club venue, and though it did not pan out, they learned some very valuable business lessons moving forward. They are currently working with local realtors and have plans to begin investing in commercial property development in our area. The Robles family is an excellent example of what hard work and determination can do for those who want to succeed and apply themselves.

Pictured in the photo: Lilly, Neena, Roman, Demetrio, Eva, Roman Sr., Omar and Henry