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Kortni Nelson provides a fantastic facility for your kids. ~by Ben Getz

For Goodness Sake Rise & Shine Posted on Sep 29, 2020
Photo above: School staff left to right is Baylie Cole, Kortni Nelson, Satvya Essex, Jessica Hooper-Hayes, Mindy Mounts, Camille Allred, Kim Secrist, Gail Pinkerton / Photos by Korbi Ashton

For local Moses Lake business owner, Kortni Nelson, obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goals. Now, with the challenge of COVID, Kortni did not lower her ambitions; she simply increased her actions to stay true to what she set out to do.

Let's meet Kortni...

Kortni Nelson

To take 'aim' is to see a target, focus on it, and hit it. When Kortni Nelson and her family moved to the Columbia Basin around the turn of the century, she already had a focus in her life and career as a school teacher. Still, she saw something else on the horizon and set her eye on it.

Let us also not forget 'Newtons' First Law: An object in motion tends to stay in motion…' 'Motion' is a huge part of what Kortni envisioned... setting into motion life-long skills and healthful traits in the lives of our area's young children.

Raised in a small town in southern Idaho, Nelson is no stranger to a hardworking agricultural and ranch type work ethic. So, she was quite happy to be able at a young age to embellish her growing up experiences by getting into the equally tough art of competitive Gymnastics and pursued this quite successfully in her young life.

The benefits she derived from that moved her to want to share with not only her own growing family with three daughters but also to others who may not readily be exposed to these opportunities. It was not her alone as she was surrounded by like-minded instructors of education, athletics, and art that felt they could fill a void in the lives of many area children and augment their growing up experiences.

With her collegiate major studies in Youth Education and a minor in Physical Education, the die was cast. Nelson knows that for children to grow into well-rounded adults, they need a balance and opportunities for equal growth in three major disciplines. Academics, Athletics, and Arts.

Thus, the very applicable acronym AIM. Academics In Motion, Athletics In Motion, Arts In Motion.

AIM School & Athletics. "Empowering life-long learners to rise above."

When AIM initially came together around 2004 in Moses Lake, it was a fairly unique center for activity that provided a safe environment and a caring staff for ages 3 and up to explore these varied opportunities and really have fun at the same time.
Kortni was initially just a helper in the overall group at the helm, but this eventually morphed into her taking hold of the reins and turning it into the multifaceted learning and activity she envisioned. She is aided by very talented and caring Department Heads who make sure the tiny denizens of the Basin get just what they need to focus on fun and safety.

Markedly in the last decade, it has become more apparent that there are many children whose parents are both working, or they only have one parent, so there are more hours in the day they need to have filled with healthy activities, not screen time or couch time.

It takes a talented and dedicated staff to be able to coordinate and wrangle all of this around people's schedules, even in the best of times. But, that they do, all in one accord, to stay strong, move forward, and AIM high.

A message from Kortni

"We are in Phase 2 at the moment with a limited capacity. Within the capacity, we can have small groups with restrictions so that we cannot offer as much as Pre-COVID. We will continue to open up classes, playgroups, and rentals as the public requests within their social-distancing bubbles that they have been living within.

Anyone that was Pre-COVID is welcome to come back and has a place in gymnastics or any AIM class!

Our focus right now is on the future. Our building has just had a vast, expansive makeover! We have added four new classrooms, two for our existing pre-school, one for kindergarten, and one for a multi-age 2nd-4th grade.

At the old gym, we have had a saying on the wall that applied to gymnastics, Go big or go home. Honestly, during these challenging times, I guess I'm taking that 15-year-old saying to a new level. It's our chance to add an amazing facility to the Columbia Basin."

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