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An interveiw with Cynthia Dano, Certified Life Coach and Radical Remission Instructor

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Health Matters Posted on Apr 23, 2018
VENUE Magazine had the pleasure of visiting with Cynthia Dano to learn about how she is helping others and why?
We invite you to follow along through our question/answer session. If you relate please feel free to contact Cynthia. She is a warm and wonderful person to confide in.

Our interview:

VM: Since your 2014 cancer diagnosis at what part of your personal journey did you recognize you had the desire to help others with their personal medical journey?

Cynthia: Almost immediately. 2 months after my diagnosis, I was heading to the ocean to get my head wrapped around getting chemo, and I was struck by the desire to help others. I did not know what that looked like at that moment and it took a few incarnations, but I found health/life coaching...or it found me.

VM: Where are you now with this desire?

Cynthia: I received my certification as a life/health coach in 2016. I currently am in a year-long mastery program through the same organization. I really have been on a big learning and healing binge! 

VM: Has your health coaching been focused on cancer only?

Cynthia: My initial feeling was to only help in that area. Many who are experiencing such a life event are overwhelmed and in need of resources and support. They also have a new appreciation of time and changing destructive lifestyle habits quickly. It is very rewarding to help them navigate this. I have found that in addition to helping those with a cancer diagnosis, I also really enjoy working with people with perfectionist and procrastinating challenges.

VM: What exactly is “health/life coaching” anyway?

Cynthia: Good question! I think many people have heard of coaching, mainly in the context of sports, or executive/job coaching”, but don’t understand its application to regular life and more particularly, them. When people ask “What do you do?” It can be a hard thing to answer…”I am a Life/Health Coach” is the 1-second answer.  That is just the title, it really doesn’t answer the question of what I specifically do?

"I am stuck!"  "I am paralyzed by indecision!" "I want to make better choices and decisions!" "What happened to my life? I am in a rut and want something better!" "My perfectionism is crippling my life and relationships!"

These are some of the many reasons someone calls me for coaching…They have found themselves in a situation or experience that they no longer want or can manage. I help them move towards an outcome that they envision for themselves. Coaching is not about the “Why” of something….that is a therapy which is past-focused and insight driven. That is not to say that “whys” don’t come out and insight doesn’t happen, many times it does.  However, that is not the purpose of coaching. As a coach, “How?” is a much better question than “Why?”.  How is dynamic and indicates action. It is forward, future and outcome focused.  How do we get from point A to point B? That is where I help. I help you take the steps to becoming the version of you that you envision. It really is about you, not me- not my vision of what I think you should be or what I think you should want …it is about What You Want.  Most people, including myself, feel like they should know what to do and/or how to do it. The sad fact is, many of us do know what to do, we just don’t do it.  We are good at giving advice, just not following our own...very common human behavior. And sometimes we really don't know what to do...either way, coaching can help.

Most professional basketball players (or any professional sports players) are considered an expert at their game and yet, they still want a coach. Why? Because a coach pushes them to be their best, holds them as completely capable, sees options and holds them accountable. Just like a sports coach, I also will stretch, support, see a client as being completely capable, hold them accountable and offer up options that may not have been considered to help them get moving towards point B, whatever that is for them.  If you are not getting the results you want, a coach just might be the option or resource you need.

VM: How will your story be effective in helping others?

Cynthia: I lived the story so that alone is a huge preparation. Nothing like experience! Also, the training I mentioned. Most specifically, I recently was certified to be a Radical Remission workshop leader. I felt this was the missing link for me and I am hugely excited to start leading these workshops.

VM : What is Radical Remission? 

Cynthia: Kelly Turner, Ph.D.,  author of the Radical Remission book and project defines it as "any cancer remission that is statistically unexpected and those statistics vary depending on the cancer type, stage and medical treatment received."

VM: What is the Radical Remission Project?

Cynthia: The RR Project is multi-pronged...It is her 10-year long research that is now a New York Times best-selling book, Radical Remission, in which she uncovered 9 healing factors than nearly all the Radical Remission survivors used; it is also a website/database that Dr. Turner says, "allows cancer survivors, doctors, healers, and readers to submit quickly their cases of Radical Remission which can be counted, analyzed and tracked by researchers. The database is freely searchable by the general public, so cancer patients and their loved one can read how other people with similar diagnoses managed to heal against all odds";  it is an online course; it has the workshop component which helps people apply the 9 healing factors in their life. 

VM: How did you learn about it?

Cynthia: It was serendipity..or not. I really don't believe in coincidences. I think, like coaching, it found me. I discovered Radical Remission through one of the other training I was doing. It was 2017 and well after I had completed all my cancer treatments. It sounded amazing so I went back to NY last October and trained with Dr. Turner and 35 other people from around the world. Currently, there are only about 30 of us in the world trained to lead these workshops, so it is a great honor. 

VM: Is Radical Remission only for people battling cancer or other health challenges?

Cynthia: Dr. Turner's research was on cancer, but there are many health challenges that can benefit from the research. The 9 healing factors will help boost the immune system-many diseases can benefit from that!

VM: Will you be hosting a workshop this summer?

Cynthia:  Yes! I am excited to announce that I will be leading my first 5-week workshop beginning June 5 in Moses Lake. The introductory cost for the 5-week workshop is  $189 and is limited to 20 people. It is a very intimate and powerful workshop. 

VM: Will your workshop be for a person with a health challenge, or also survivors, family, friends, and health practitioners? 

Cynthia: Any and everyone is welcome! The 9 healing factors have practical applications to everyone and certainly those with cancer or caregiving someone who does! I have to stress...this is not medical advice or guarantee of any sort that someone's cancer or disease will be cured! This is about applying the 9 healing factors that Dr. Turner discovered in her 10-year research that may have helped the Radical Remission survivors. I encourage everyone to read the book, Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer Against All Odds and get on the website: I strongly recommended that attendees read the book prior to the workshop. For the first 10 people to sign up and pay, I will include a Radical Remission book for free!