“I remembered that each time I am stretched beyond what I think I can handle; I bounce back much stronger than before I was ever stretched.”~Amy

Being stretched beyond expected

Darin and Amy Hendrickson share their gratitude

For Goodness Sake Posted on Dec 23, 2018
By Amy Hendrickson

Agri-Fix was established by Darin and one service truck in 1995 which has now grown to a full diesel repair shop with complete towing services around the clock. Bee Line Frame and Axle was established in the mid-1950’s as a family owned and operated business. Although the business is now owned by Darin and Amy Hendrickson, it is still family owned and operated with all the same great services and more.

On December 28, 2016, around 6:00 pm, the unexpected happened. We got the call that our long-standing business within our community of Bee Line Frame and Axle was on fire. The building housed customer vehicles, tow trucks, and our precious classic car collection. The emotions began to run in so many directions. As I sat there crying and feeling helpless, we could see it all happening: the firefighters were working fast and hard despite the difficulties faced due to the cold weather conditions, that team of employees came to pitch in, however, they could, family came from all directions to give their support, and then there was the community – OUR CUSTOMERS! People were showing up in ways that I would never have imagined. They offered so much love and support.

I remembered something that God whispered to me one time when I was feeling overly stretched and defeated. He said to me, “Imagine trying to use a rubber band without stretching it.” I reflected on that for a moment. I remembered that each time I am stretched beyond what I think I can handle; I bounce back much stronger than before I was ever stretched. This was still true of this tragic event. Bee Line lost several pieces of equipment and tools but our customer vehicles and classic cars all survived. Although we are still repairing the damage to these items and replacing lost and damaged tools, we are on the home stretch of the building renovation.

Bee Line will be even better than it was before. It will still provide top-notch services but with a bigger heart and desire to give back to this community that was so gracious to support us and continue utilizing the services we have been able to provide during this process.

Thank you so much to all our friends, family and community members that have been a part of our restoration process!
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