The 2017 Japanese Agricultural Training group outside of the ATEC Building on the Big Bend campus.

Big Bend Invites Families to Host 2018 Japanese Agricultural Trainees

Give the opportunity for a trainee to get a glimpse of family life in America

For Goodness Sake Posted on Mar 22, 2018
For the 53rd consecutive year, Big Bend Community College (BBCC) is participating in the Japanese Agricultural Training Program (JATP). Forty-six trainees will arrive on the BBCC campus Friday (March 23) eager to begin their 19-month adventure in the United States.

Trainees will spend their first eight weeks taking English as a Second Language classes at Big Bend while getting an introduction to American Culture and American Agriculture.

Following their time at BBCC, the trainees move on to host farms throughout the United States where they will spend the next 14 months developing skills in their chosen agricultural career specialty. Trainees specialize in dairy, beef, swine, poultry, landscaping, potted plants, cut flowers, vegetable, citrus, and fruit.

During their time in Moses Lake, BBCC is encouraging local residents to invite trainees in the JATP for short home visits to help the students soak in American culture and experiences. These interactions are many times the first opportunities for the trainees to get a glimpse of family life in America.

“We try to make sure every trainee gets to experience life in a local home, from an American perspective,” said JATP Director Landra Kosa. “They are always thrilled to meet an American family, see an American home and practice their English.”

In the past, local families have taken trainees for various recreational outings. In recent years, trainees enjoyed bowling, various outdoor activities such as hiking with host families but also appreciate a simple lunch or dinner and the opportunity to interact.

Host families provide transportation to and from the residence halls at Big Bend. To arrange to host JATP trainees, contact JATP Program Assistant Laura Goodall at 509-793-2297 or [email protected].