CBTech: Wilderness Salvaged

V Gallery Posted on Feb 11, 2018
Salvaged scrap steel and other materials take on a whole new life when removed from their original context and purpose and incorporated into a work of art. Advanced Manufacturing students from CB Tech, Moses Lake High School FFA, along with teams from Ephrata, Othello, Warden, Wilson Creek and Kennewick compete to create winning sculptures.

“CBTech's Metal Art Competition is in its fourth year. We have had up to eleven teams of 6, competing against the clock and each other. The students have five and a half hours to team build something out of scrap steel. We hand pick about 4,000 lbs of choice scrap for this event.

The day starts with the students finding out what they are going to make. One week before the event the students were told Wilderness, the morning of, Wilderness Animals. No pre-planning. We want the students to look at the pile and let their minds be creative. It's a very fun day. The event is about team work, creativity, finding the best way to put two different types of metal together and fun. The finished Art Pieces are judged with a rubric and CBTech designed trophy's for first, second and third.

Special thanks to Moses Lake Iron and Metal, Moses Lake Steel Supply, A&L Compressed Gas and Laser Fab Inc for their donations.”

Dave Oliver, CBTech Advanced Manufacturing Instructor