Create your own MASTERPIECE collage inspired by Picasso!

by Chris Hansen

V Gallery Posted on May 25, 2020
Hello fellow art lovers! This week’s project is inspired by Pablo Picasso. He was a Spanish artist who lived from 1881 to 1973. He was famous for many forms of art, and this lesson is about his invention of the “collage”. You can use this style to express your own ideas and taste.

I am using a mask as an example. You can change it in any way you like. There is no right or wrong.

1. As always, get your paints out, and dip your brush in water.
2. Sketch your painting with pencil.
3. Start blocking in your colors.
4. Build up to the point where all your color is in, and start outlining with black, or any color you choose. If you want your picture to look old, you can dip your brush in a light color, dab off the excess, and brush over the background, the mask, or both.

Have fun creating your masterpiece! ~Chris