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Unsinkable Molly Brown at Masquers Theater in Soap Lake

V Gallery Posted on Oct 20, 2018
The Unsinkable Molly Brown Directed by Patty Jardine, Assistant Director Mistya Zaleski and Music Director Stacey Bresee is an uplifting and uniquely American spirited tale with miners, brawls, pretty girls, love and romance!This grand musical is a tour de force for the Masquers Theater with rousing and sentimental songs written by Meredith Wilson (The Music Man).

The Unsinkable Molly Brown is the rags to riches love story of the legendary Molly and Leadville Johnny Brown, owners of the richest mine in the US at the turn of the twentieth century. Molly Tobin Brown whose feisty determination to rise above her impoverished beginnings leads her from the backwoods of Hannibal, Missouri, to the palaces of Europe. Along the way she marries a lucky prospector, Johnny Brown, enters the high echelons of Monte Carlo society, survives the Titanic and most importantly earns the approval that she so desperately seeks from those “Beautiful People of Denver”. A comedic interpretation on the classes and the human spirit of the Colorado settlers and Denver Society come to life with the incredible cast of the show lead by Allison Pheasant (Molly) and Jeremy Hansen (Johnny).

Performances  October 19 – November 11, 2018
Fridays and Saturdays-7:30 pm
Call for Reservations (509)246-2611 or go to www.masquers.com to buy tickets
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