By Melea Johnson

For Goodness Sake Posted on Mar 27, 2018
Look what spring brought. Fresh perspective. Close your eyes and free your feet from furry boots and spread your toes. Enjoy a seemingly weightless walk. Breathe it in. Spring is here.

Can you feel it? Like hugs, your friends give you when you need raindrops falling ….like a silent day where your thoughts turn to gratitude because you know you are very, very fortunate in the overall scheme of unfortunate events happening in the world.

Can you smell it? Like a fresh bouquet of flowers that speak beauty and fresh air that makes you want to go outside and sleep in the alfalfa in the fields with its richness that nourishes our livestock.

Can you hear it? Like everyone's heart beating, making one big positive the laughter of little voices no bad words friends greeting friends they perhaps have not seen much of over the cold winter months.

Can you see it? Like new babies just born a puffy cloud floating above without worry of the brilliant colors the new life, new growth, new something beautiful that goes away but has come back, once again.

Can you taste it? Like the barbecued chicken just taken from the fresh foods from mother the wonderful once- a- year treats at the community the sweet words of kindness.

Oh yes, this new season announces itself with wonder and brings with it the motivation to balance our embrace each lift up our overcome live our fight for our live by reach out to wisdom and seize each moment and make it the best possible.

Enjoy Spring!