Getting to know Madison Herrin

Creator of the band Maddy McGee & the Machine

V Gallery Posted on Apr 2, 2020

VM: When did you decide to create Maddy McGee & the Machine? What is "the machine"?

I was completely inspired by one of my favorite artists, Florence Welch and her group called Florence and the Machine which I can only assume means Florence and the band! My middle name is McGee and I’ve always been in love with my middle name. I am very proud of it. So it was easy...Maddy McGee & the Machine. The machine would be James and my Dad, Jay.

VM: The genre of the music? What do you hope the experience is for your listeners?

The genre is very much acoustic folk, acoustic pop, and acoustic alternative. We have a few Billie Eilish tunes and some fun pop classics as well as some originals. Honestly, I just want people to be able to enjoy the music and feel lost in it. That’s my favorite is when I’m watching live music and they just capture me. I find myself just listening and paying attention to nothing else for a bit.

VM: Was there a special purpose for creating the band?

YES. The band's sole purpose is to raise funds for a trip I have my heart set on. My plan is to attend the WISE school in Denver, Colorado. It is going to be amazing. WISE stands for Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, and Evangelism. All very important tools for someone of the Christian Faith. Honestly, this plays into all of my future plans for the rest of my life. I want to continue to learn how I can point others to God and I want them to see His light shine through me. Going to this secondary YWAM school in Denver is going to equip me with so many tools for the Good fight. I am absolutely fired up to learn more about God.

VM: Are you originally from Moses Lake?

I am born and raised in Moses Lake. All of my family is from here as well. I grew up with one set of grandparents next door and the other set just across town. We are very family-oriented and gather together a lot to celebrate with one another. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my amazing family!

VM: Where does your musical inspiration come from?

I started to love music at a young age. My mom started me out by having me audition for Missoula Children’s Theatre and I found out I loved both acting and singing. Singing was definitely my favorite part though. My dad was also in a band when I was young, so whenever they came through Moses lake I remember watching them rehearse in our home. Sometimes I would get to play the tambourine or maracas with them. While attending Moses Lake Christian Academy I was a part of their high school choir and the audition choir called stretto. My choir memories are honestly the best memories of high school for me.

VM: Have you had formal training in music?

I attended Whitworth University from 2017-2019. I was studying music education. I received a generous music scholarship for my voice, so I trained with Dr. Scott Miller, who is the head of the voice department at Whitworth. My voice grew so much in that time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to stay at Whitworth any longer so transferred to WGU online and now I’m simply studying elementary education!

VM: Other than music...what other passions do you have?

Heck, I honestly just love being with friends and I think painting has become a big passion for me in the last few years. Painting is very therapeutic. To sit down and think and plan and then watch that plan come to life is just so much fun. I never stop feeling proud of myself after I paint something that I’ve planned out in my head beforehand. If I just go without a plan though, it’s a mess!

VM: What ARE your future plans after WISE?

So far, my future plan is to graduate with my teaching degree, and teaching kindergarten. That’s the dream so far but I also hope to one day have a few albums. My dream is to be a recording artist. I don’t want to make it big though, I’d love to be on the cusp.

VM: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Honestly, not sure. Some days I know I’m fueled by prayer and other days I’m fueled by my own wants and needs. It’s really back and forth for me. Motivation is actually something that I’ve struggled with for a long time. I have always been a terrible procrastinator but lately, I have been keeping a planner which has honestly changed me! And my school life!

VM: What inspirational quote best describes what you would like to tell others from your own story?

I don’t know where I heard this one but I know that I think it often. “Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.” And I think that’s an important message that a lot of people need to remember. The world isn’t always going to be your friend and it’s so vast and so big and if you’re not careful it will let you down and hurt you. I’ve experienced that a lot. I’ve learned from it as well. Make a difference in those around you and it will make a difference in your heart too. But don’t depend on others for your joy. I depend on my God and myself.

Maddy McGee & the Machine will be performing at Michael's Market & Bistro on February 15, 2020.