Hike 22 for the 22

22-kilometer hike scheduled to shine light on suicide prevention

For Goodness Sake Rise & Shine Posted on May 2, 2018
Moses Lake residents Aaron Molina and Carlos Avila are hoping to shine a light on suicide prevention and awareness within our community. The two have organized a 22-kilometer (roughly 13.6 miles) hike through Moses Lake for Saturday, May 12 at 8 a.m.

The 22 km distance represents the on average 22 veterans that commit suicide in America every day. Both Molina and Avila served in the Marine Corps and were concerned for their fellow veterans after hearing that statistic.
“It really just hit home for us,” said Avila.

He said they also wanted to do something to remember civilian lives lost from suicide. “This is not just about veterans,” he said. “We want to raise awareness about suicide in general in our community because of how often it does happen.”

The hike will begin at Blue Heron Park and follow Broadway Avenue until connecting to Stratford Road and then onto Valley Road before hitting the halfway point at Cascade Park in Cascade Valley. Participants will then backtrack to Blue Heron Park.

Avila said there will be multiple hydration stations along the route. Those who do not want to walk the whole 22 km can use Cascade Park as their stopping point.

He added that community members are welcome to join them either before or after the hike, even if they are unable to walk with them.

T-shirts will also be available for purchase for $15 the day of the hike and proceeds will go to both the American Legion and the Moses Lake High School’s Suicide Awareness Program.

A representative from Big Bend Community College’s Veterans Resource Office will be at the hike as well to provide information about the programs and resources available to prior service members.

If you are a veteran (or civilian) who needs help, or you know one, please REACH OUT. You are NOT ALONE. Contact the BBCC Vet Resource Office at 509.793.2075 or 509.750.5739, or the Veterans Crisis Line at 800.273.8255 (option 1).

For questions about the event, contact the BBCC VRO or the event organizers, Aaron Molina (509.989.1312) or Carlos Avila (509.793.5659).