I am ready. Or not.

By Melea Johnson

Rise & Shine Posted on Jun 28, 2018
I had never swum a one-mile distance in a race before and with every early morning moment passing, the details of the race were being revealed and I was challenged to perceive what was coming in the next 30 minutes of my life. My eyes could only visualize what my mind was ready to comprehend and I found even with the best swim goggles made by man, I could only see I was in deep trouble. My thought? Try to say nothing and look like you know what you are doing.

I decided quickly after the starting horn sounded that faith and fear are complete opposites and fear can make you cling to the strangest things. Problem is when out in the middle of a deep lake, there is nothing to cling to, except the faith you can make it to the finish. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Cause and effect for this scenario was not difficult for me to ponder. Winning is not an exception, it is the fruit of practice, practice, practice. It takes time. Yet, another idea bubbled up while reaching and pulling my way through the water. Never give up on a dream just because it will take a long time to achieve it. The time will pass anyway, so why not go for it?

Making it to the finish, I was delightfully met by a friend with the words “great job!” I immediately thought, “good job” was only slightly appropriate, “great job” was a tremendous stretch from the truth, “glad you made it without drowning” would have been more truthful, however, the niceness was so appreciated.

Expressing to my friend my personal evaluation regarding NOT being ready, he replied, “You ARE ready.” Caught me off guard. Made me think. And you know what? He is right. I am ready. Ready to be teachable. Ready to be corrected. Ready to be challenged. Ready to be open to instruction. Ready to accept knowledge. Ready to be real. Ready when things are easy, to say thank you and celebrate, and ready when things are really difficult, to say thank you and grow.

So, with excitement I continue to practice swimming. I am ready. And from now on when sighting with my high-tech goggles (or without), I will see what's real more clearly.