I call them my littles


agri.CULTURE Posted on Feb 3, 2018
“I tend to dive head first into things that I do…..I’ve always been a horse gal, now I raise sheep, horses, kittens, and kids. Becoming a Mom is the most important thing I’ve done and I dove in head first… I keep the kids; I call them my “littles”, very busy. I find myself either on the road or riding here on the place. My kids also participate in baseball, soccer, football, gymnastics, and dance. I was a soccer coach twice. I’ve put on a little Miss Rodeo contest for the kids and taught them how to walk down a runway and wave to a crowd. I was a busy kid growing up. I was involved in everything…sports, Junior Rodeo, summer fast pitch, 4-H, FFA, you name it, and I probably tried it as a kid. I was Miss Rodeo Washington back in the day and I loved it. If my kids want to do that, then I am here to help. If they choose other things to be involved, then I’m all for that too. I teach my kids to try things, if they don’t like it, that’s OK, but they have to stick it out until the end of the season. I want to teach them to finish what they start. I’ve had a lot of other jobs. I have been all over the world, China, Japan, and other countries. Now I am doing what I love…in a tiny house with a lot of noise and we’re dirty all the time. I love it!”