If You Give a Pig a Pancake

by Candace Pitts

For Goodness Sake Posted on Mar 23, 2020
For parents, grandparents, and/or guardians with Kindergarten age children at home...

The Story

Read the story If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff. If you don’t have the book at home your child can listen to the story on YouTube.

Retell for Understanding

One of the objectives in Kindergarten is being able to retell and sequence a story or events. Have your child retell the story using the words: First ___, Next____, Then____, Last____. They could even draw a picture of their favorite part of the story and tell you about it.


Materials needed:
Paper or Recycled Cardboard / Scissors / Spatula / Baking Sheet / Permanent Markers or Crayons.
Cut out 22 small-sized circles and 11 large circles to represent pancakes. Have your child write the numbers 0-10 on the small pancakes. (You’ll have two sets since you cut out 22 small circles). Write 0-10 on the large pancakes.

How to Play Pancake Math

To play the game spread out all the small pancakes on the floor facing the number upwards. Place the large pancakes on a large baking sheet facing upwards so you can see the numbers. You can start with just a few of theses at a time. Maybe 0-6.

The goal of this pancake math is to find as many ways as you can to add up to the number to make your pancake stack. Your child will use the spatula to pick up each pancake and place it onto a pancake to make a number sentence. For example, to make the number 5 you can have the number 4 and number 1 pancakes or the number 3 and number 2 pancakes. 4+1=5 or 3+2=5

Stem Treehouse

Materials needed:
Crayons / Cardboard / Tape / String / Ruler / Scissors / Sticks / PlayDoh or Clay.
Also, draw and cut out a pig that is 2 ½ inches tall and 2 inches wide.

Make a treehouse that will fit the pig and stand above ground using a blueprint.

Pig’s brother wants a treehouse just like his sister! He wants your help to build the treehouse. You can only use the material listed to make your treehouse. First, you must create a blueprint. The walls must be 4 inches or taller to make sure the pig can fit in the treehouse. You will need to add walls, a roof, a place where you will enter and exit, and it must be off the ground. You will need to test your house by making sure the pig fits inside and that it can stand alone without being on the ground.

Post your Treehouses! ~Teacher Candace Pitts

Teacher Candace Pitts and her beautiful daughters

I have been teaching for 14 years and am currently a Kindergarten Teacher at North Elementary for the Moses Lake School District. My teaching philosophy has always been to have students leave each day with a smile on their faces and a story in their hearts. I want students to LOVE school and learning just as much as I do. Creating lasting memories and hands-on experiences are what I'm very passionate about.