Meet Seahawks Player in Moses Lake

Health Matters Posted on Apr 25, 2016
Moses Lake Medical Team has a very exciting announcement! On Saturday, April 30, from 10am until noon, Seattle Seahawks, Defensive End KJ Wright will be in Moses Lake to do autographs and have pictures taken. If you want a photo with this incredible ‘Hawks player, and his autograph, you definitely won't want to miss this event! The event will be held at Team Up Real Estate (former Dollar Up Store) at 221 S. Balsam Street. Autographs will cost $20. There will also be 2015 autographed annuals for sale for $20. What an exciting morning for Moses Lake!! Venue Magazine will be personally covering the photos for this event, and are happy to contribute our services to such an amazing cause. Check our Facebook page for updated information as the event draws closer, and even RSVP through our Facebook Event we have created so that you can conveniently be reminded as the day draws closer.

You might be wondering just how this might have come to be… a Seahawks player coming to our neck of the woods, in Moses Lake of all places. It is best explained by the person who sparked this charitable act by KJ Wright. It transpired in an airport of all places, where members of the Moses Lake Medical Team were in the right time, and the right place. It's better coming from one of them… in her own words, Frances Irwin shares her delightful experience.

How Did It Happen?

Many have asked, "How did this happen?" When Moses Lake Medical Team members checked through TSA at SeaTac Airport, on their way to a medical mission to Nicaragua mid February, the agent asked, "Why are so many people from Moses Lake coming through, going to Nicaragua? The team's leader, Dr. Lateef Olaniyan responded that we were part of a medical team, servicing the less fortunate of the world through providing free healthcare. The gentleman behind several team members heard this explanation and asked to talk further after they'd gotten through with TSA.

This person turned out to be K J Wright, outside linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. He talked with several team members asking about our mission work and introducing team members to his wife and daughter. He then asked how he could help Moses Lake Medical Team. He suggested that he could come to Moses Lake for an autograph signing! Phone numbers and email addresses were exchanged. Within a few days, K J Wright contacted Lateef Olaniyan to see when a date could be set and to make further arrangements. The Moses Lake Medical Team had tried for two years to arrange for such an opportunity for fund raising without success.

Yes, miracles occur. The Seahawk office is amazed that there is so much interest in Moses Lake for having a Seahawk player here for an autograph signing session. ~ Frances Irwin

Words From Moses Lake Medical Team

Our goal is to help those patients who cannot otherwise receive medical services due to their social-economic class. We use the tax-deductible contribution received from private citizens and civic organizations to perform free medical missions to treat the patients who are unable to pay for their medical services, especially those living in the developing countries.

The first mission took place in Kwara State, Nigeria, in West Africa in April of 2008. Since then we have visited various parts of Nigeria, including Lagos, Ibadan, Ogbomoso, Pategi, Lafiagi, Ilorin, and Benin. We have also been to Nicaragua in Central America to treat patients. During each mission, we treat an average of 5,000 patients, dispense 8,000 prescriptions, perform 50 surgeries, extract 100 teeth, diagnose 400 patients with vision problems, and dispense about 800 pairs of glasses.

How Can I Contribute?

Other than coming and supporting this wonderful event that KJ Wright has so graciously devoted his morning to, there are many ways that you can contribute to the Moses Lake Medical Team. To volunteer or offer financial contribution, please visit us at There are several ways by which you can support the efforts.

With the support of organizations such as the Lions Club International, the Rotary Club International, and the Kiwanis Club International, the Moses Lake Medical Team conducts yearly free medical missions to developing countries. If you contribute, you can also be a part of the team supporting these helping hands that change many lives in their path. We can all do something.

Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

We will see you on Saturday to come and support a worthy cause, and to meet and welcome KJ Wright with us! Be sure and join our event page on Facebook, and share it!