Nikki Raichart

Nikki Raichart talks about learning at home

It needs to be fun so that it sticks

For Goodness Sake Posted on Apr 3, 2020
The beautiful thing about learning at home is that it doesn’t have to look like a traditional school…because it isn’t.

Think about how you as an adult like to learn. Is it always sitting at a hard, cold desk? Maybe for some of you, it actually is. Is it cuddled up in your soft, warm bed? I’m guessing some of you do your best work from your bed. Or do you like to go to a local coffee shop that is aesthetically pleasing and be inspired by your surroundings to do your best learning? Outdoors is where many people like to learn as well, possibly in forts made out of sheets.

My point is to make it enjoyable for your kids. Don’t feel like you need to make it “look like school” to be official. Learning NEEDS to be fun SO THAT it sticks.

I love these moments. Little pockets of learning or reading that make up our day, our day that can be full of white noise and distraction, are what I want to remember. Not the noise. Not the plans that failed. Not the holding pattern that our life seems to be in at the moment…
So go ahead and ask your child where they think they can learn the best. They know, just like we know. We just have to listen.
When learning is fun and stress-free our kids remember more. When we create positive learning environments that are designed for our kids' individual preferences we help our kids want to keep learning and lifelong learning is the ultimate goal. That's what we want to teach them; how to love learning so they can teach themselves anything they want as they get older. ~ Nikki