No fluff here. Just results.

Kris’ Skincare Studio

Health Matters Posted on Mar 24, 2020
VENUE Magazine had the opportunity to meet Kris Fisk, and we are impressed.

The Studio

In 2013, Kris opened her skin care studio in Royal City. At the time she was the caregiver for her mother before her mom’s passing in 2014. Since then, Kris has continued with a passion to help others. Her daily goal is to encourage people to be comfortable with who they are and to love the skin they are in. Her established customer base does not hesitate to travel from Yakima, Tri-Cities, Ellensburg, Moses Lake, and of course the local community of Royal City and Othello for her kind care and her wealth of expertise.

Skin Goals

She partners with her clients to help them achieve their skin goals. “I say, partner because it is a partnership, it takes both professional treatments and education from me and patience and commitment from them to achieve the ultimate results,” shares Kris. "Healthy skin is beautiful skin and healthy, optimally functioning skin is the main focus. There is no fluff involved. No Spa Treatments. I am a skin clinic and all of my treatments are based on revising the skin. They are more relaxing than pampering.”


One such treatment is the DMK Paramedical Skin Revision treatment. Kris explains, “DMK Enzymes treatments are real oxygen therapy treatments that work with our body’s own chemistry at a cellular level rather than just topically. DMK Enzyme Therapy is world-renowned treatments and over 1 million worldwide have been performed. I am one of 2 DMK Clinics in Eastern Washington. DMK Skin is also the skin care line or home prescriptives as we like to call them.”
She also offers Skin Classic Treatments, Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy, Microneedling, Hydrodermabrasion, and some body treatments.

She knows her stuff

We asked her about her expertise and training. The list goes like this!
She is a NCEA Certified Master Esthetician ( National Coalition Of Esthetics Association) who values education. She has earned and received several certifications. Here are a few of them. Acne Specialist - Collagen Rejuvenation - Melanocyte Restoration - Scar Revision Therapist - DMK Paramedical Skin Revision Therapist - Microneedling (4 Certifications) - Pastiche Method - PCA Chemical Peels

Kris' Skincare Studio

The studio is located at 8115 Road 9.3 SW, Royal City, 99357. Take make an appointment you may send a message to Kris on the studio's Facebook page (kris' skincare studio), or give her a call at (509) 989-2763.