Don't look back. You're not going that way. ~ by Melea Johnson

Rise & Shine Posted on Jun 7, 2019
I’m not sure which one of us came up with our team name, but I do know as soon as it was blurted out we unanimously agreed with conviction it was definitely our name. Our shirts would read OSWFTT. A tough acronym to figure out and even harder to say without getting the letters mixed up. But the meaning was truer than true. Oh, Sh-t We Forgot To Train.

Melea Johnson, Lori Robins, Doug Robins, Susan Mann, Brooks Mann

With no time for John at Shirtbuilders to craftily place our name on shirts (because, well, we were already there), we moved on to thoughts of strategy. Not exactly knowing what the course obstacles were going to be we had a quick meeting. There were a few things of concern. A wall for one. The giant wall we saw photos of with ropes to climb with mud on our shoes. We discussed how we were going to handle that maneuver if it came up? Our conclusion, suggested by Doug…”It’s just a wall. Get over it.”

Turns out we did not have to climb a wall. Instead, there were other surprises along the way. Challenges of unexpected difficulty. Obstacles that took teamwork to complete. (Who comes up with these hurdles?)

Our team was solid. It became evident Brooks and Doug (the anchor), was the added strength whenever needed; Susan was the logical thinker; Lori was the planner of the strength and logic, and I was the cheerleader. “Keep going. Push forward. Don’t look back. You’re not going that way!” was mentioned a few times. Pushing, pulling, tugging, climbing, running, swinging, wading, waiting, cheering, carrying, and laughing was all part of the day.

And searching. Searching for each other to attempt to stay together was incredibly tricky as within ten minutes of the start, the thousands of mudders on the course all looked like... mud. Everyone looked the same. Everyone except Lori. We could spot Lori right off. It was the Moses Lake Chamber of Commerce sunglasses she managed to wear through the whole course. A mystery to all of us. How could she even see? No one knows.

Lori with her Moses Lake Chamber of Commerce sunglasses.

Crossing the finish line was exhilarating. An accomplishment, to say the least. Just to have done it. At least once. No injury. No one left in a murky mess. Although we did lose Susan for a time in a soupy spot (Doug, to the rescue), and I was underwater for a bit from a sliding drop gone wrong. All in all, we conquered the course.

Doug and Lori Robins

Brooks and Susan Mann

We did experience a slight setback when we realized we did not cross together in one uniform group for that all anticipated team photo opp. Bummer. We vowed to do it right next time. Our two seconds of disappointment quickly dissipated as we sighted outside showers far off in the distance. We were ready. Cold as they were, it felt good to rid the mud. Except for Susan. We all waited….and waited...and waited ...for her to attempt to figure out how to wash the mud off without actually touching the icy water. Funniest thing we had ever seen.

Susan FINALLY washed the mud off.

It was time for a beer