Rock Top Burger & Brews turn things up a notch

By Ben Getz

Food & Drink Posted on Feb 7, 2020
The term, ‘Rock Bottom’ has been used for many decades as a one denoting the absolute worst. Standing in sharp contrast, here in Moses Lake for the better portion of a decade we have ‘Rock Top’ denoting the very best…. because there are burgers and brews there of course! And not just any burgers and brews; top-notch local offerings and a widening selection of eclectic ales are being added to pair with the expanding menu options at the Rock Top.

General Manager Andrea Cannon has been working with Marketing Coordinator Lindsey Frey and upper management to ‘turn things up a notch’. With Andrea’s experience a few years ago working in the trending Portland, OR food and drink scene they have established a good name for themselves with their ‘Tap Takeovers’. These events focus on a showcased brewery from around the local region whose fares are served from all the taps along with some special menu items and some fun swag and Q&A sessions. Whipsaw Brewery of Ellensburg is the next in line for February 13th, and others will follow every other month with a new brand/brewer. (The entire schedule will be available on their website.)

From its start with 8 taps, Rock Top has now expanded to 12, which means there should be something for everyone’s tastes. A great addition, courtesy of technology, is the Digital Pour App, where you can not only see what is currently tapped but how much is left, in case you need to hurry down and get the last of your favorites.

Stay tuned for changes as well on the menu and overall look and vibe at the ‘Top’, with 7 years in business soon approaching they want to stay vibrant and metamorphic. Don’t worry about some of your favorites going away, the Officer Rodriguez Burger, one of their top sellers and an instant hit, will remain. Also staying will be the fun and unique events such as the ‘Tip a Cop’ night, ‘Tap Takeovers’, and even more special events to hit the yearly calendar. A yearly favorite is and has been the September 18th honoring of ‘National Cheeseburger Day’. Put that on your calendar for some last blast of summer fun in a Hawaiian themed frolic on the Rock Top patio and enjoy some special “Come-On-I-Wanna-Eat-Cha” sliders.

Since their beginning, Rock Top has been a huge contributor to local fund-raising auctions that benefit our community, such as their work with the Boys and Girls Club of Moses Lake. These take shape as special dinners for those winners of auctioned packages that Rock Top donates to raise funds for these great causes. Rock Top has created a fun and educational event for the kids as well, letting little learners back into the kitchen to create some of their own ‘Burger Inventions’ and learning how the restaurant business works. For an entire month the winning burger creation will be spotlighted on the menu as the ‘Burger of the Month’, and for each one sold Rock Top matches a dollar for dollar donation to the selected charity.

Whether you are at the top heading down or coming from the bottom on your way up...the best stop is at Rock Top Burger & Brews; you may just want to stay awhile.