Seahawks Fever

Health Matters Posted on May 3, 2016
Many of you came to support the Moses Lake Medical Team in their fundraiser endeavors starring KJ Wright, of the Seattle Seahawks. Venue Magazine would like to thank all of you that came and showed your support. The lines started early, and we knew it would be a lot of people to accommodate. The streets outside of Team Up Real Estate in Moses Lake, WA, were lined with fans. Not just any fans showed up, but everyone showed up dressed appropriately with the spirit of the 12s. Seahawks all the way.

Families, children, grandparents… it didn't matter what age, it seemed that KJ Wright got the attention of nearly everyone of all ages. We saw a community coming together, offering more reinforcement than we could have ever seen be accomplished.

For those that came, thank you. Thank you for coming with a smile. For the energy that you gave the moment while meeting with this football celebrity. We are so proud of our community. We are so proud to have been a part of this magic moment that brought so much attention to the Moses Lake Medical Team.

If you came through and got your photo taken with KJ, just a little reminder of when and where you can find them! The photos were promised to be ready 5-7 days from the event. We are trying to get these out as quickly as possible. Once the photos are ready, you can go to, and on their home page will be a link you can click on. (We will also post on our Facebook page when they are ready)

This link will take you to the place to download your photos. If you plan on printing your picture, there will be a print release at the beginning of each group. There will be 4 groups… one representing each half hour that we took photos with KJ. (This will be helpful if you misplaced your paper somehow). If you still have your informative paper that you were given upon purchase, then there should be a number written on it, as to which group you were in. Feel free to email Rosalie if you have any questions regarding your photo at [email protected]. Thanks again everyone!!