Big Bend Community College Systems Administration students now have a realistic data center learning environment thanks to a generous donation by Quincy-based Stetner Electric.

Stetner Electric helps upgrade BBCC Computer Science server lab

Hand-on in a simulated environment is now possible

Posted on Jul 21, 2018
Students in Big Bend Community College’s Systems Administration program are one step closer to a realistic data center learning environment thanks to a generous donation from Stetner Electric. 

The Quincy-based company recently completed the installation of power distribution equipment and cable trays, made general electric upgrades and provided the required parts and labor to transform the college’s Computer Science server lab.

The college’s program provides technical training for the skills required to work in data centers that are local, regional, national, and possibly even worldwide. 

“Because of Stetner Electric’s donation, we are closer to simulating a real data center in our server lab,” said BBCC Computer Science Specialist Tom Willingham. “This gives students an opportunity for hands-on work in a simulated environment that they would not otherwise have.”

The school received a total of 75 servers, 30 laptops, 3 server racks and 36 network devices from Microsoft in April. Now that the necessary electrical work is done, students can begin to get all of the new equipment up and running.

The project is being led by two students from the first-year Systems Administration pilot program in coordination with current summer students. The goal is to have the equipment ready for the official introduction to the second year of the program this fall.

The program’s pilot was very popular last year, and technical classes starting September 24 are already full with 20 students on the data center specialization track.  However, the program is enrolling students into Fall 2018 classes who will start the technical courses in January 2019.