The feelings are real and valid

Embracing the "new normal" by Brynn Wilson

For Goodness Sake Posted on Apr 17, 2020
Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for these humans. I was cleaning up dinner when my daughter told me someone was at our house. I walked out to find 6 girlfriends posted up on my driveway, 6 feet apart, with chairs, blankets, and adult beverages. I lost it. Some of my closest friends have never seen me cry, until last night.

Quarantine life is hard. Our “new normal” demands energy and it’s hard to recharge in isolation. We are angry. We are anxious. We are tethered to our computers and phones. We are mourning important events that have been canceled or postponed. We crave human connection and physical touch. Some of us are guilt-ridden when we compare our circumstances to others. We are completely overwhelmed with parenting and homeschooling. Some days, we are numb. From depression to boredom, from inadequacy to lack of purpose, people are going through the whole spectrum of emotions right now. These feelings are real and valid. While we embrace our own feelings and struggles, it’s important to show compassion for the feelings and struggles of others.

For me, this compassion was delivered by girlfriends with camping chairs and smiling faces. Thank you so much! I hope to return the energy and love soon. ~Brynn Wilson