To the mom trying really hard

You are enough

For Goodness Sake Posted on May 8, 2019
To the mom hiding in the bathroom, because she needs peace for a moment.

To the mom crying after she yelled at her kids and is now feeling guilty.

To the mom trying to fit in her old jeans because she wants to feel good about herself.

To the mom ordering pizza because dinner didn't happen the way she wanted it to.

To the mom who feels alone, in a room by herself or standing in a crowd.

You are enough. You are important. You are worthy.

This phase of life is hard.

It's challenging. It's crazy.

It will all be worth it.

Those little eyes that look up at you, think you are perfect.

They think you are more than enough.

Those little hands that reach out to hold you, think you are the strongest.

They think you can conquer the world.

Because you are enough.

You are more than enough, Mama.

courtesy of Bethany Jacobs