Top 5 Ways to Show Your Local Law Enforcement Some Love

For Goodness Sake Posted on Jul 28, 2016
Once every 51 hours, an officer is killed in the line of duty. That number is staggering. These 5 little ways to show your love for officers in your area sounds so simple and minor after reading that number, doesn't it? One headline you might not see on your local news, is how many officers protected you today.

It's important to remember that when law enforcement "signed up" for their job, they didn't sign up to be disrespected, injured, or to lose their life. They signed up to to make a difference. It's up to us to make sure that we are in full support of our men and women dawning the uniform to protect and serve. Naturally there is an implied expectation when it comes to law enforcement in our community. Hopefully, along with our expectations, can come thankful hearts. Should we have to be reminded that they do the unthinkable on a daily basis?

We better get started… after you read this, you have some work to do my fellow citizens!

1. Light up your home in blue, and help turn Grant County Blue for CUB

Pick up a free blue light bulb today, Thursday, July 28 2016 at 5pm. Replace your current porch light with your brand new blue light bulb. There are pickup stations all over grant county, as Sheriff Tom Jones and his staff have been hard at work putting this project together. CUB, or Citizens United with Law Enforcement, is a great new program that allows you to truly show officers where you stand. To read more about that, and see the pick up locations, click here.

If you missed the date and time while reading this, go to your local hardware store and pick one up.

2. Tape up your car.

Put a strip of blue painters tape across the back of your car. I love this showing of support because everyone that you drive past can feel the love for local officers too.

3. Say "Hello" and "Thank you."

Talk to them! Start a conversation. They are people too! Don't forget while you say hi, be sure and add a "thank you" in there as well. These men and women go out every day to risk their lives in order to protect and serve us. Putting your life on the line protecting strangers while your family is at home praying that you arrive back safely, deserves at the very least a large thank you.

4. Buy them a coffee.

Officers have long hours, and put up with a lot of things that we wouldn't dream of. If you see them out and about, or grabbing a quick cup of coffee, jump in and offer to buy it for them. If one is in line behind you, pay for their coffee, and stick around to say hi, shake their hand, and let them know how awesome they are, and how that cup of joe isn't comparable to all they do for you.

5. Obey the law.

This one is self explanatory. Make good choices! If you speed and receive a ticket, take it with grace, and know it's not on them.

At the end of the day, we are all human. These humans are choosing to serve you with their life, literally. It is my hope that we can find more gratitude within us, as citizens, to show a greater appreciation and respect to our local law enforcement.

As for any law enforcement reading this:

Thank you officers. All of you! Thank you so much for going above and beyond each day for all of us. Our "thank you's" and show's of support will never hold a candle to your sacrifices on our behalf.