TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION. Choose the Arts for refreshing entertainment.

By Shawn Cardwell, Columbia Basin Allied Arts Executive Director

V Gallery Posted on Jan 4, 2019
Even though the health maladies associated with watching TOO much television, or any screen, are well-known (oh, you don’t know? How about trouble sleeping, weight gain, poor vision, decreased learning abilities and language skills in children, low self-esteem especially in teens and young adults, and overall dissatisfaction with life), many people still choose them as their primary form of relaxation and entertainment.

We encourage you to CHOOSE THE ARTS for your entertainment!

There are tons of BENEFITS of attending art and cultural events IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Did you know that creating connections with others can improve your mood so intensely it relieves pain? The creative arts have also been proven to strengthen local economies, promotes positive values, attracts visitors and increases tourism, creates jobs and long-term career opportunities and attracts entrepreneurs and investment (artswa.gov). The creative and cultural industries generate billions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of thousands of jobs a year in Washington State alone. Contribute to your health and the health of your community by choosing the Arts.

PLUS, IT’S FUN! Columbia Basin Allied Arts has something for everyone. Since our founding in 1978, we have brought such diverse acts from orchestra to country music, ballroom to modern dance, contemporary to modern theater, acrobatics, poetry and more from all over the world to Moses Lake.

AS IF you need another reason, the BEST part is a large part of our profits go to funding our Green Turtle series - FREE children’s visual arts and performances – and arts outreach in schools! This year, through grants, business sponsors and collaborations with other partners like the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center and the Grant County Fairgrounds, we’ve made participation in our children’s programming TOTALLY FREE. Last year more than 10 schools in the Basin benefited from our FREE and reduced performance arts opportunities. Overall, THOUSANDS of children in the Basin benefited from YOU attending OUR shows!

So CHOOSE THE ARTS for your entertainment, do it for YOUR health, your FAMILY’S, and our COMMUNITY.

You may have missed the great performances in 2018, but you have 2 more amazing Premiere performances this season to enjoy, starting with the Yakima Symphony on February 1st and then Ilumidance on March 1st. For more information on performances please go to EVENTS.

You may also click on LOOK LOCAL Offers (RED button on home page), to purchase tickets for either upcoming performance (Or BOTH) for 19% OFF your ticket price. Have fun!
Visit http://cba-arts.org