Doreen McGraw, Ginny Hirai, Lynn Townsend, Laura Mayer, Marilyn Pulis, Leslie Ramsden, Dan Beich

We asked the Columbia Basin Allied Arts Board members a question...

“What would you want to be doing if you were asked to give a performance of a lifetime?”

V Gallery Posted on Jan 8, 2019
Laura Mayer, Secretary –“That’s easy, I’d be doing a ballet dance - a prima ballerina, spinning, in a really pretty tutu!”

Leslie Ramsden, Vice President – “Singing, musical instrument or dancing… I just want to do all of them!”

Lynn Townsend, Treasurer – “I don’t know how to play the piano, never had a lesson… but that would be cool - I love music!”

Dan Beich, President – “A dream of mine would be to conduct a Broadway musical because it’s been so much fun to do school and other types of shows.”

Shawn Cardwell, Executive Director – “I’d be a rockin’ country singer with lights, dancers and a full band behind me!”

Doreen McGraw, Board Member – “Comedy.”

Steve Czimbal, Board Member – “I would be a musician - a trumpet player - part of an orchestra.”

Ginny Hirai, Board Member– “Someone who could dance – ballroom maybe.”

Marilyn Pulis, Board Member – “If I was onstage, I would like to be an opera singer, I’ve always wanted to be one.”

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