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We have new stores in town!

Let's go shopping

Posted on Feb 7, 2019
Good businesses are birthed from good ideas - and the willingness to roll up one's sleeves and get to work. Think for a minute about the kinds of skills one must cultivate in order to run a business? Take organizational skills, for example. In order to put things together in a logical manner, a business owner must develop a well-thought-out plan and maintain a sense of accountability to the plan.

As well, a business owner must decide on quality goods/or services and build relationships to provide the best chance of generating positive feedback. No excuses. In order to sell, one must communicate confidence in the vision. And, of course, let’s not forget financial management!

It all requires taking one step at a time.

CBTECH (Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center in Moses Lake) Marketing and Entrepreneurship Instructor, Melody Jenson, has a well-connected team of students learning to become business owners.

So, does the thought come to mind high school students are too young to start a business? Think again. Because in our current world there is no set age. There is only starting a business and not.

Having studied the Dave Ramsey Personal Finance Course, these students are taking a first-step seriously. Dave Ramsey is famous for developing the 7 step plan to living debt-free and building wealth. These steps form the foundation of Dave’s commonsense advice on money. His advice for teenagers? Every high school student should have $500 in a savings account as a starting point to all things future.

Determined to meet this financial step the CBTECH students have created their own stores and are opening the doors for local shopping. This has required building unique storefronts, naming the stores, creating displays, rallying the community to acquire donations to stock the stores, pricing items, tagging everything and marketing all efforts.

Each student is hoping to earn the $500 to put away in savings. Once they acquire the initial $500, their instructor asks them to deposit into a savings account and present the deposit slip for verification. Well done. Off to a great start!

These creative storefronts are OPEN FOR BUSINESS this Saturday, February 9th, from 9 am to 2 pm. They offer men, women and children's clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes, household decor and much more.

You are invited to come shop. Meet the business owners. Share in their visions. Encourage their efforts. Enjoy.

Cash only, please.

PS ...The Moses Lake Farmers Market is hosting their annual mid-winter event at the very same time in the very same place on the very same date. Another good reason to come to CBTECH on Saturday! See you there.
Visit http://cbtech.mlsd161.org