We met in college


agri.CULTURE Posted on Feb 20, 2018
“We met in college…her Dad came to me and said that his daughter needed somebody to rope with in college rodeo. We were both going to school in Walla Walla and we both were roping. We are both kinda shy, so roping was about the only way we would talk to each other. We had that roping connection, she’s the header and I’m the heeler. We roped together for about a year and then we started dating. She moved to Ellensburg to get her teaching degree and I was driving from Walla Walla to Ellensburg pretty much every weekend to see her. Then I started to think that if I’m driving there all the time I should just move up there. My family is here, so I moved and asked her to marry me at my sister’s wedding reception in 2010. The rest is history as they say… two kids and we are working at what we love to do. Everybody told me that having kids would change your life. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I do now. My priorities are different. Now it doesn’t really matter what I have going on, my kids come first. When our son was small he was really sick. He was 7 months old when he had surgery on his intestines. Ambulance ride, emergency surgery and three days in the hospital will change your priorities. The things I used to worry about, like what I was gonna have for dinner or what I was gonna do on the weekends, don’t really matter. The health and safety of the kids are what matter. Raising the kids and giving them the life that we have, a ranch style of life. Family comes first.”