Why do I do this?

An interview with Sue Tebow

agri.CULTURE Posted on Nov 20, 2019
We asked Sue Tebow to tell us WHY she started agri.CULTURE illuminating the values of country living. This is what she had to say...

I grew up in the city. I had siblings and a dog and rode my bicycle on the street. I did get a horse when I was a teen, but he was pastured somewhere else. My love for horses kept me connected to the country lifestyle and I hung out with country kids. I didn’t understand why they had to change water instead of going to a movie or get out of school to move cows. I was one of those people who would get behind a slow-moving piece of farm machinery on the road and complain about how I was held-up. I did know about growing my own food because after all I had a garden and I went to the grocery store for whatever else I needed.

I was 40, I had no clue what I was getting into when I fell in love and married my farmer. I thought it would be a dream come true to live in the country and have my horse at my own house from now on. Well… Having a farm is like having a two-year-old for the rest of your life… you have to watch it all the time and get a babysitter if you want to go somewhere. I found out first-hand the hard work that comes with the culture of this rural lifestyle. We raised our kids here, we put up 400 acres of hay and we run a cow/calf operation. We marvel at the gorgeous sunsets, are closer to nature and feel good about being a part of something bigger than ourselves. We get to help feed the world!

I wanted to do my part as an advocate for agriculture. I knew I could help bridge the gap between urban and rural folks; after all, I have been both. I knew what they didn’t know. Two questions drive a simmering idea more than any others: What if? And Why not?

What if I took pictures of the people who live on ranches and farms, working their own way, in their own place, in the world of agriculture? Why not show the rest of the world what is true and real about the culture of this rural lifestyle? I mean, making a difference in the world can be as simple as sharing the way you view it, right? So, on April 23, 2016, I started agri.CULTURE to share the stories of the people of agriculture. Who better to tell the stories than the farmers and ranchers themselves. I have visited with moms trying to raise farm kids and dads trying to make ends meet. I have interviewed men, women, kids, hired men and bosses. It can be refreshing, fun, humorous, sad, inspiring, motivational, or a combination of it all.

Facts will never move the human heart as storytelling can. So I will continue to share the stories of the hard-working people in agri.CULTURE.

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