Why is CELLARBRATION! for Education so important?

Let's hear it from the students

Posted on Feb 16, 2019
The Big Bend Community College Foundation’s annual wine and dinner event, Cellarbration! for Education, is a fundraising auction designed to raise money for scholarships for students attending Big Bend Community College. The Cellarbration! event is the BBCC Foundation’s response to rising tuition costs and student need and allows the Foundation to help ease the monetary burden for students in getting an education via student scholarships.

For many students, the stresses of working make it difficult to graduate on time, or fully achieve the level of academic success they are capable of. For other students, the work/study life is unsustainable, and they discontinue their studies altogether. With tuition levels on the rise nation-wide, scholarships help provide access to higher education for students of all income levels, as well as, decrease their financial burden by allowing them to focus only on school or decrease the number of student loans.

The highly anticipated Cellarbration! for Education event, is a fun evening filled with wine, friendship, and community coming together to support a good cause.

From its inception in 2002 to the present day, Cellarbration! for Education has raised more than $1 million dollars for student scholarships. Students receiving these scholarships vary in age and academic interest. Some are in Nursing or Aviation programs, while others are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or Workforce Education training. Whatever individual goals or dreams they are pursuing, all of our scholarship recipients are incredibly grateful to their donors and the Cellarbration! for Education community. From our Board Members and Auction Committee who work tirelessly throughout the year preparing for the event, to sponsors, donors, and bidders whose support is paramount to the success of our students, every ounce of support is appreciated!

For more information about Cellarbration!, to learn how you can become a sponsor for this year’s event, or to purchase tickets, please call the Big Bend Community College Foundation at (509) 793-2006.

Tickets may also be purchased ONLINE at the website below.
Visit http://bigbend.edu/information-center/foundation/events/registration/