You are a part of the land you work

Thank you to our farm and ranch families

For Goodness Sake Posted on Nov 24, 2018

(writing below is by an unknown author)

As a child growing up on a ranch or farm you learn to go to bed early so you'll be able to saddle up in the moonlight for an early-morning cow gathering. You learn never to turn your back on a cow. Never step in front of a two-year-old colt. Know the best route to the watering hole. Know what plants horses shouldn't eat. If you get bucked off, get right back on. Let the company ride the nice horses.

You learn how to pick out a socket wrench, an open-ended wrench, an adjustable wrench, a washer, and “this size bolt” from a five-gallon bucket of rusty tools at any time. Be ready to fix the fence. Don't have a smart mouth.

You were born knowing how to drive a truck and tractor. You learn to pull a 24-foot goose-neck stock trailer and learn to back it up. Don't get anything stuck in the mud. You know how deep it is before you cross it. Never play around farm machinery, like feed-grinders and tractors, and other pieces of equipment that have power take-off and/or blades.