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V Gallery Published Feb 12, 2019

Masquers Theater Presents: “The Humans”

A live theater production in Soap Lake, WA

The 2016 Tony Award-winning play THE HUMANS will be presented by Masquers Theater in Soap Lake starting February 15. It will run for 3 weekends thru March 3, on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 and Sunday matinees at 2:00.

The Humans tells the story of a Blake Family Thanksgiving day.  Eric and Deidre (played by Darryl Pheasant and Patty Jardine) travel to the new ...

Published Feb 7, 2019

We have new stores in town!

Let's go shopping

Good businesses are birthed from good ideas - and the willingness to roll up one's sleeves and get to work. Think for a minute about the kinds of skills one must cultivate in order to run a business? Take organizational skills, for example. In order to put things together in a logical manner, a business owner must develop a well-thought-out ...

Published Jan 29, 2019

What kind of a career should I go for?

More than 80 employers are waiting to meet you!

More than 80 employers are expected to attend the 2019 Job and Career Fair scheduled for Thursday, February 28 on the Big Bend Community College campus. The annual job fair, is the largest local event that places potential employees and employers under one roof.

The annual gathering will be held at the Masto Conference Center, inside the college’s ATEC Building, ...

Health Matters For Goodness Sake Published Jan 22, 2019

Toss out the D word

by Jan Thacker

I'd say the biggest problem I have right now is my rear end. And my belly. Oh, there are other minor problems, such as aging and the resultant falling apart thing, but the mirror declares the behind and tummy problem every morning; in fact, all day long. It could be solved, of course, by removing the mirrors in the house ...

Travel & Leisure Published Jan 22, 2019

14 Days, 13 Nights voyage to Greece and Italy

Join the Moses Lake Chamber of Commerce aboard the Norwegian Jade

Voyage back in time to ancient Greece and medieval Italy on this round-trip cruise from Rome. While in Santorini, visit the beautiful whitewashed hilltop towns of Oia and Fira and their breathtaking views of the caldera below. Climb up the magnificent Acropolis in Athens and stand in awe of the Parthenon, the beautiful temples and the view over the ancient ...

For Goodness Sake Published Jan 20, 2019

Still loading?

by Melea Johnson

I will..... live by new rules. Be open to new possibilities. Make dinner a nightly event. Jump in a pool with my clothes on. Miss my flight home, several times. Acquire a new couch. Enjoy life every day.

It happens. Every year. Come December I have noted every single thing I will do to make life perfect. I ...

V Gallery Published Jan 17, 2019

Exceptional LIVE entertainment in our community

Central Basin Community Concert Association brings it to you

Founded in 1954, The Central Basin Community Concert Association has been providing the Moses Lake community with quality LIVE entertainment for over 65 years.

Each of their artists is carefully chosen to provide the highest quality entertainment available to Central Basin communities. The artists chosen have appeared at Carnegie Hall, on Broadway, at major sporting events and have won prestigious ...

For Goodness Sake Published Jan 16, 2019

Play. Explore. Discover.

The Tree Fort Children's Museum in Moses Lake

The Tree Fort is an emerging children’s museum in Moses Lake. Children’s museums produce programs and exhibits that transcend age and experience offering great opportunities and unique shared experiences not found in traditional museums for family learning and bonding.

The desire to bring a children’s museum to Moses Lake was initially developed within a group ...

Health Matters For Goodness Sake Published Jan 10, 2019

COUNTRY SWEETHEARTS Benefit Dinner, Dance & Auction - February 02, 2019

Join in for our casual cowboy themed rootin' tootin' heck of a good time!​

The dress is cowboy comfy so feel free to wear your boots, hats & jeans.......just leave the horse at home! February 02, 2018 is an evening presented by the Columbia Basin Cancer Foundation to have fun with friends and family and other people in the community you have still to meet all in one place to kick up heels and have a ...

For Goodness Sake Published Jan 9, 2019

An unlikely rescue from Moses Lake

By Melea Johnson

It was winter. The lake was frozen in spots enough to be unstable to hold the weight of my much-loved dog, Arree.

I received a phone call from my friend Rebecca with the Humane Society in the afternoon on this winter day. She was concerned as she had received a message that a black lab female dog had ...

V Gallery Published Jan 8, 2019

We asked the Columbia Basin Allied Arts Board members a question...

“What would you want to be doing if you were asked to give a performance of a lifetime?”

Laura Mayer, Secretary –“That’s easy, I’d be doing a ballet dance - a prima ballerina, spinning, in a really pretty tutu!”

Leslie Ramsden, Vice President – “Singing, musical instrument or dancing… I just want to do all of them!”

Lynn Townsend, Treasurer – “I don’t know how to play the piano, never had a lesson… ...

V Gallery Published Jan 4, 2019

TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION. Choose the Arts for refreshing entertainment.

By Shawn Cardwell, Columbia Basin Allied Arts Executive Director

Even though the health maladies associated with watching TOO much television, or any screen, are well-known (oh, you don’t know? How about trouble sleeping, weight gain, poor vision, decreased learning abilities and language skills in children, low self-esteem especially in teens and young adults, and overall dissatisfaction with life), many people still choose them as their primary form of ...

For Goodness Sake Published Dec 23, 2018

Being stretched beyond expected

Darin and Amy Hendrickson share their gratitude

By Amy Hendrickson

Agri-Fix was established by Darin and one service truck in 1995 which has now grown to a full diesel repair shop with complete towing services around the clock. Bee Line Frame and Axle was established in the mid-1950’s as a family owned and operated business. Although the business is now owned by Darin and Amy ...